Avoid unprofessional business E-Mail addresses

A photo of a pile of mail.

If you’ve gone to all the trouble to create a professional looking website, make sure that you haven’t let yourself down with an unprofessional business E-Mail address.

Make sure that your business E-Mail address is professional and relevant to your business. Yes, Hotmail and Yahoo! E-Mail accounts are easy to set up but they look extremely unprofessional.

Make sure that you give your E-Mail address serious consideration. For your main business E-Mail address, don’t be tempted to go with something like joebloggsbuilders98@hotmail.co.uk. It’s long, it’s not professional and it’s not memorable at all. It will give a poor first impression of your business.

Instead, ensure that you use your website’s domain name (e.g. joe@bloggsbuilding.com or sales@bloggsbuilding.com) It will make your business look much more professional and shows that care has been taken with your online presence. When your customers are considering using your services, you’ll want to give them all the reassurance that you can.

How do I get a professional business E-Mail address?A photo of a smartphone displaying a business E-Mail inbox

By far the easiest way to get an E-Mail address for your domain name is by using something like Google’s GSuite. It’s inexpensive and quite easy to set up. Zoho also have their own mail service, Zoho E-Mail which is less comprehensive but totally free for a small number of users.

Domain registrars and hosting companies also offer business E-Mail hosting services. These services aren’t as good in our experience.

What should the first part of my business E-Mail address be?

Anything you like is the short answer! However, typically it would be something like sales@yourdomain.com. Like us, you could use hello@ which is becoming more commonplace and has a much friendlier tone. Don’t forget to set up an E-Mail address for your name too for the personal touch. You may want to set up hello@joebloggsbuilders.com or sales@joebloggsbuilders.com as fowarders to your own (e.g. joe.bloggs@joebloggsbuilders.com) E-Mail address.

What about my old Hotmail or Yahoo E-Mail address?

Most of these services allow you to forward E-Mail automatically from them. This allows you to completely switch to your new, more professional E-Mail address without having to worry about checking your old account. To do this with Hotmail, follow these instructions. To foward all E-Mails from your Yahoo! account, follow these instructions.

Ombush Media include business E-Mail setup as part of our web design services. If you need help getting your business online, get in touch today.