Business website mistakes you’ll want to avoid

Two people using an iMac to design websites

If you’ve got a website for your business, you’ll want to avoid these common pitfalls.

Not tracking your visitors

This sounds quite creepy but it’s not! By using something called analytics, you can track:

  • how many people are viewing your site
  • which pages are most popular on your site
  • how long visitors stay for
  • where your visitors are coming from

If you’re not using analytics then you’re flying blind and won’t be able to tweak your site to attract even more visitors in the future.

Not leveraging social media

I was meeting with a client recently who, very proudly, told me that her business page had gained over 300 Facebook likes in just two weeks. I was very impressed and told her so. However, I wasn’t impressed at the number of updates that she’d posted to her Facebook page: zero.

There’s no point in having a social media presence if you’re not going to use it. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great for engaging with your current and potential customers and can boost sales in a huge way. If you’ve got a following on social media then you should absolutely use it and post interesting updates about your business.

Opening late on certain nights? Running an offer for half off next week? Carrying a new product line? Post it!

Using the cheapest web design company you can find

A good website doesn’t need to cost a lot but beware of companies that are offering extremely cheap web design. You’ll get what you pay for and most of these companies will only be able to afford to offer these prices because their websites are pretty much copied and paste jobs.

Get at least four or five different quotes and be sure to look at their portfolio. Your website should be well designed and unique, especially if you’re aiming for the top of the Google search results.

Forgetting about your website

It sounds strange but you might be amazed at how many businesses set up a website and then leave it. When we come along and ask if they’d like a new website, they will normally say something like “We don’t really get much business through our website.” Not surprising at all!

Your website needs to be updated regularly if you want to attract new business.