How many visitors does your website receive each week?

How many visitors does your website receive each week?

How many visitors does your website receive each week? It’s a simple question but it’s amazing how many businesses across Liverpool we speak with that don’t know the answer for their website.

Website visitors visualisationWhy is it important to know?

If you’ve gone to all the time, trouble and expense to set up a website then it would be a shame if nobody viewed it. Your website is supposed to be a 24/7 salesperson for your business; always online and ready for anyone who has a need for your business to view. From there, it should generate sales leads ready for you to act upon.

If you’re not aware of how many visitors your website is receiving then the answer may very well be that you have zero visitors to your website each week. The only way to tell for sure is to start measuring.

How do I measure visitors to my website?

By far the most popular way to track how many visitors your website is receiving is by installing Google Analytics on your website (although to be honest, any web designer worth their salt should have already done this!)

Once you’ve installed the Analytics code, sit back and wait to see how many visitors your site is currently receiving. You’ll need to wait at least a month to gather any meaningful data.

What next?

Once you’ve established how many visitors your site is receiving, you’ll want to maximise this number. There are several ways to do this. There’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is optimising your site for search engines like Google and there are also PPC (Pay Per Click) adverts.

You’ll also want to convert these visitors to sales. How you measure your success in this area is dependent on your business. If you’re running an eCommerce website then the answer will be obvious – how many sales were made per unique visitor? For other types of business the answer may be less straightforward. Perhaps you could measure number of enquiries made through the website? Or the number of times that visitors tapped the “Call Us” button on your website?

However you do it, it’s important to keep an eye on conversions. Whilst it’s important to get visitors’ eyes on your website, you’ll want them to take action once they’re there. Google Analytics has many reports that can help with conversions and goals and you’ll want to set those up as soon as possible.

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