Invoices – how to get paid quickly and easily

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As a small business who invoices clients, it’s easy to lose track of who owes you what. It’s also time consuming to chase payments and check overdue payments.

If you’re still using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to deal with your invoices then it’s time to stop; you can actually automate 99% of your invoices using our systems and reduce your admin time dramatically.

If you’re spending hours per week on invoices then you’ll definitely want to look at a system that will enable you to collect payments and manage your invoices automatically. Rather than have to write invoices out in Microsoft Word or Excel and E-Mail them individually, you’ll simply enter the basic details of the invoice, choose the client that it needs to be charged to and click a button.

Photo of a debit card being handed over to pay invoicesHow does it work?

Our integrated invoicing system allows you to register clients and then assign invoices to them. Invoices are sent to your client as attractive PDF files, fully branded with your company logo and colours. Best of all, all of your clients will have their own dashboard where they can see their current balance, payment receipts and upcoming invoices.

You choose the terms of payment. For example, if you choose 30 day payment terms then our payment system can send a reminder at 14 days and then at 30 days. Rather than you having to chase overdue payments, the system will do this for you and can reduce the number of late or missed payments that you have to deal with.

If your clients choose to pay by debit or credit card, they will receive a payment receipt and the invoicing system will update automatically. No further reminders are sent and your client’s dashboard is updated immediately.

Clients also have their own portal that they can log into and view invoices paid, invoices outstanding, current balance and details of payments made previously. All of your clients can self-serve leaving you free to get on with running your business.


Our invoice system comes with a full reporting dashboard. You can see amounts invoiced, amounts paid, late payment volumes, etc. You can also export all of your payment data ready for your accountant to handle. If you’re a VAT registered company then you’ll need to keep track of how much VAT has been collected.

The reports can be exported in a variety of formats including CSV, HTML, PDF and Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Payment methods

You can collect payments via:

You also have the option to accept cheques and cash. Payments entered in this way will still have a payment receipt sent by E-Mail for your clients records.

Depending on the method used, you could be paying ongoing transaction fees of as little as 1%!

Which businesses is the system suitable for?

This invoicing solution is suitable for a wide variety of businesses including builders, plumbers, electricians, designers and other professional service companies.

Automate your invoices today and simplify your business

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