SEO – aiming for the top of Google search results

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

If you ask anybody what Search Engine Optimisation means, you’ll normally get a three word answer: top of Google.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in a search engine’s unpaid (or organic) search results. In general, the earlier you appear in a search engine’s results, the more visitors your web page will attract. Clearly it pays to be near or at the top of Google!

Can I buy my way to the top of Google?

Photo showing a tablet browsing the top of Google homepageNo. If somebody tells you that they can definitely get you to the top of Google, they’re almost certainly lying. While you can hire SEO experts and have them help you to achieve your SEO aims, you can’t just throw cash at the problem.

So is there a secret to increasing my search ranking?

If there’s one mantra that will help you to fight your way to the top of Google, it’s “content is king”. Not just any old content either. Don’t fall for the old trick of just writing your business category and then then name of a nearby town, e.g. “Dog grooming in Salford, Dog grooming in Manchester”, etc. Search engines, particularly Google with their Penguin algorithm, are far too sophisticated to fall for such cheap tricks these days. You’ll want to post quality content that’s relevant to your business.

For example, let’s say that you operate a garage and you’re looking to attract people who looking for an MOT. The following are examples of titles that you could use for blog posts:

  • Tests carried out during an MOT
  • Will my car pass its MOT?
  • How much will an MOT cost?

The next thing that you need to do is to write quality content that isn’t stuffed full of keywords. Again, you may be tempted to stuff your blog posts full of the keywords that you’re targetting. Forget about them and just write naturally. If your content is high quality and is related to the subject that you’re targetting then Google will be more likely to rank it in a higher position that a list of your keywords.

What should I avoid?

Don’t do anything that Google would see as “gaming the system”. SEO is no longer the dark art that it was once seen to be. It’s entirely possible to climb to the top of Google without resorting to silly tricks. If your website is fast, well optimised and full of well-written and researched content, you won’t need to try to trick search engines to achieve a fantastic search ranking.

Search Engine Marketing

Separately from SEO, there is SEM which we’ll cover in another blog post in the future. Rather than trying to “organically” appear at the top of Google’s listings, you can bid for the advertising slots at the top of each Google search using Google’s Ads service.

How can Ombush Media help?

If you’re looking to optimise your current website for SEO or you’re looking at having a new website created with SEO in mind, contact us today.