Online business tools – 4 of the best free services

A photo of some tools in use.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch apparently. However, there are such things as free online business tools. Read on to find 4 top picks.

Online business tools

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Chat live with your customers direct from your website.

This is a really nifty tool that pops up a little chat button in the bottom right of your website.

Your users can click a button and be sent directly into a chat session with you. With apps for Android and iOS as well as a web chat client, you’ll find that it’s easy to stay in contact with your website visitors.


Capsule CRM

Logo for Capsule CRM, a free online business toolGot lots of clients to keep track of? A decent CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) tool is a must. CapsuleCRM is free for up to 2 users, up to 250 contacts and 10mb storage. You can set up a sales funnel and track prospective clients from proposal right through to project completion.


Zoom Video Conferencing

Logo for Zoom.usForget Skype – if you have one on one video chats with people or need to screen share with one person, Zoom will do the job nicely. The free version is great for basic two person meetings while the paid version allows more than two people into a video chat.



Buffer logoBuffer is a great service that allows you to queue up multiple tweets and Facebook posts and then have them posted throughout the day. By scheduling your tweets and Facebook posts for the main times that your audience is using social media, you should hopefully see a huge increase in engagement. Much better than your 3am flash of inspiration disappearing into a black hole because all of your followers are in bed!


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