Web Design – you (usually) get what you pay for

Stacks of coins and a pot of money sprouting leaves and growing

Web design is a funny business. If you’ve tried to get a quote for a website recently then you’ll find that they range from free (usually a family member offering to help out) to the extremely expensive “premium” web designers.

We would consider our web design business to be sat in the “reasonable” price bracket as our websites convert really well but don’t cost a fortune. Our clients usually see a full return on their investment in very short order.

For comparison, let’s take a look at the other options.

A photo of a web design sketched out on a padFree – “My nephew’s good with computers and he’s building me a website”

Everybody loves a freebie but this option could end up costing you in the long run.

Truth be told, it’s extremely easy to throw a website on to the web, especially with tools like Wix (which we talk more about here) However, not all websites are created equal. Inexperienced web designers won’t be aware of the latest SEO techniques and best practices and probably won’t have the technical experience needed to create a fast, efficient and optimised website. Today’s web demands a website that has been carefully tuned to ensure that you come out top in the search rankings.

It’s important to remember that there’s a difference between a website and a website that converts and generates sales for you. A website from an inexperienced web developer is unlikely to convert much, if at all.

“£99 for 5 pages”

Again, a very tempting offer. Just under £100 will get you a website for your business with your business name, address and a few photos on. However, these tend to be “copy and paste” template jobs with a bit of tweaking carried out; we’ve even seen a few of these companies using services like Wix!

These services aren’t great for when you want a website that performs well in the search rankings. They’re based on basic templates to save time and if hosting is included for this price then it will more than likely be hosted on cheap, slow servers. Slow servers result in low search ranking and should be avoided.

Also, the limit that these services impose on the number of pages is a totally arbitrary one. Your website should have as many pages as you have content for. We certainly wouldn’t charge extra for more pages.

Premium Web Design companies

If you have the budget, you may be considering a premium web design company. Everyone knows who these companies are – they normally have a large number of staff and really nice city centre offices. However, be aware that you might get the same service for a better price from a company that doesn’t have such large overheads. A smaller company will normally have a smaller client base; this would usually mean that they can be more attentive to your business’ needs.

Also, there are some web designers that are pricing themselves at a premium but don’t have the experience. Always read geniune customer testimonials for whichever firm that you choose. This should ensure that you’re getting what you’re paying for.