Wix – is it right for my business website?

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If you’re starting a new business or looking to create a basic website for your existing business, you might already have already looked at Wix. Thanks to a massive TV and web marketing campaign, Wix is now arguably the best known website building service.

What is Wix?

Photo of a website on Wix.comIt’s a service that enables you to quickly and easily build a website from scratch based on templates that they provide. For creating a basic business website that just acts as a “business card” with your contact details, this is fine. However, there are reasons that you may want to ditch Wix and have a bespoke website created. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Wix Pros


There is one thing that you can’t deny; the service is very cheap. Their prices start at around £8 per month for a business website.

Ease of use

Wix is really easy to use and allows even a complete newcomer to web development to create a basic website. Their interface is almost totally “drag and drop” which allows novices to knock together a site in very little time.

Setup time

Creating a website from one of their templates is extremely quick – enter your business details and a couple of paragraphs of copy and you’re done. It doesn’t get much quicker than that!

Wix Cons

Shared hosting

When you’ve built your website, they will host it for you on one of their web servers. However, they pile your website on a server with, typically, at least 1,000 other websites. The main problem with this is that your site will be fighting for resources with thousands of other websites on the server. When speed is a primary consideration, this probably won’t be acceptable.


The Wix service heavily utilises a web technology called AJAX. Without getting too heavily into the technical side of things, this may hinder Google, Bing and other search engines from indexing your website properly. While it’s quick, easy and cheap to set a website up on Wix, you probably won’t have the same control over your site to push SEO that you would have if it was a bespoke site.

One of the main issues that we’ve noticed with Wix is that the web page isn’t coded semantically. This means that it’s difficult for the search bots to read the content held within them and the context of each piece of content.

If SEO is a priority for you, you’ll probably want to avoid this service.


Although Wix does give you a lot of options to tweak your site, there is a limit to how much you can customise. This limits your ability to have you website stand out from the crowd and to make the site look exactly how you envisaged.


There’s no right or wrong answer to the question of whether you should use Wix or not. As a general rule, if you don’t have much to spend and need to get something out there quickly then definitely use a site builder like Wix.

However, if you’re looking to create a truly professional website that is properly optimised for search then you will definitely want to consider a bespoke website from a professional web developer. If your competitors have properly optimised websites and you’re trying to take them on with a Wix website then you’re not going to rank as highly.