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Welcome to Ombush Media, your partner for straightforward digital marketing and SEO solutions. Located in Liverpool, we’re here to help businesses across Merseyside and North Wales to find sustainable growth through improved online visibility.

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How we work

Every client is different - our approach helps us to understand what makes your business tick.

Our Approach
  • Understanding Your Business

    Before we dive in, it’s vital for us to fully grasp what you envision for your business. During our initial meeting, we engage with you to understand your goals, expectations, and to critically assess your current website. In this stage, we ensure that we have all we need to frame a roadmap tailored just for you.

    Going beyond just the surface, we carry out a comprehensive review of the existing assets, delving into the nitty-gritty details that may be hiding in the background. We consider all factors, including your target audience, brand persona, and the unique elements that set your business apart. By having a rounded view, we ensure that the blueprint we craft is both robust and personal, creating a solid foundation for the journey ahead.

  • Wireframe and Proposals

    As we move forward, we lay out visual blueprints, creating wireframes that map out the user experience meticulously. We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we construct previews to give you a tangible sense of what we are aiming to achieve. This step is where we start bringing your vision to life, presenting a structured view of the path ahead.

    It is here that we materialise our collaboration into detailed proposals, outlining the strategies we plan to employ. We furnish you with well-rounded proposals that echo your brand’s voice and its mission. We don't just deliver a plan; we offer a peek into the future of your business, creating a bridge between your aspirations and the tangible outcomes we aim to achieve.

  • Developing the draft

    Post approval of the wireframes and proposals, we roll up our sleeves to bring the outlines to life, crafting an initial draft of the website. This phase is collaborative and interactive, as we work with you, valuing your feedback at every juncture to shape the website precisely as you envisaged.

    In this vital stage, we refine every element based on your input, ensuring that each detail aligns perfectly with your expectations. We maintain a dynamic approach, tweaking the design seamlessly to resonate with your brand’s ethos. It is a collaborative effort, working hand-in-hand with you to carve out a website that stands out and fits your business.

  • Launching your new website

    The moment we've all been working towards — going live. But our job doesn’t end at launch; it’s a continuous journey. After the meticulous preparation, we unveil your digital front to the world, optimised for search, ensuring a seamless introduction to the audience.

    Once live, we enter a dedicated phase of constant vigilance, monitoring the site’s performance and making data-driven refinements. It's about sustaining momentum, as we work diligently to maintain the site's optimal functionality, offering consistent support, and ensuring that your digital presence remains strong and effective.

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